My experiences with Zephyr :

Zephyr- The gentle west breeze was never gentle till now. Every hostels acts as if they are at war.
No resources will be shared between the hostels till the end of Zephyr. The air is always filled with
Negotiations, Applauses, Cheers, Anger, Happiness……

For some its Pride of their hostel
For some its Revenge agnst the Rivals 
For some its a Platform to show off their new talents
For some its Experience
For some its Entu
For some its just Fun

Let me brief u some of my experiences regarding zephyr.

The first thing that I loved when we came to the campus is Zephyr ’07. Till then campus was looking like a mini INDIA with so much Unity. Then suddenly during that three days I saw diversity in unity.We all loved it. Till the start of Zephyr we thought that only seniors win because of ‘ob’ reasons, but suddenly by the end of the day1 our hostel was in top three. That was looking like a winning battle for us so we did night -outs (I think that’s how our night-outs started) to prepare banners, posters, head bands, our preperations became intense, intense debates as whom to send for Mr.Zephyr, so many creative geniuses breaking down their heads to pen down a nice script for street play, singing,dance, drama practises became impeccable, people even watched ‘Victoria Secret’ to learn how to walk on ramp, some others were thinking of strategies to win.By the end of Zephyr’07 CH1- Second  and CH4- First. As usual we are BITSIANS we won’t accept defeat so fast so  the rivalry
lasted for a long time after that. People waited and waited for the next zephyr especially CH-1.

Zephyr’08 the most unforgettable event to all the batches who experienced. This time its inter hostel cultural, sports, technical festival of our campus. We got stalls, DJ night, Sponsorship even. The theme”Unleash Hell” turned out to be more hell than expected. This time preperations were started long before the main date. Internal auditions to all the events to select best of the best. The old rivalrys were back
intensified. People literally used to fight in auditorium. CH1 wants to prove themselves and CH4 wants to keep up the position and the other hostels wants to throw off these two from top positions. Betting became more intense. The last hour of zephyr is the unforgettable hour for control members. We checked cross checked and again cross checked the scores of CH1 and CH4 because they are in top positions. Finally it was the day of CH1. What a narrow win it was. CH4 lost the trophy by just 20 points. OMG – The main reason was the cultural representative of CH4 didn’t submit their hostel newsletter so their hostel lost some points.How sad!

Suddenly something happend to Zephyr. Because of the shift of our National level festivals from second sem to first sem we lost the slot in the academic time table. We fought for the slot. We tried to explain how much an inter hostel festival means to the students, we discussed, we negotiated, we talked with people in higher posts but all our efforts went in vain. Some people who were fighting to put it back left the
campus and other people became busy with some other committments.

Till then I was never obsessed with something in my life. For the first time I thought before I leave the campus there should be another zephyr. I was obsessed because 2000 people will be enjoying for three days. I was obsessed because many people will get an oppurtunity to perform on stage. I was obsessed because some college traditions are to be continued. I was obsessed to put it back because already 8 hostels never saw Zephyr live and if it continues next time there will be no one who knows what zephyr used to be. Finally Zephyr the most awaited inter hostel cultural, sports festival of the campus is back after 22 months with a new format and with the theme “Back from the Ashes” (Nice thought sid)

I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because finally we achieved and sad because no team was formed till then and I have my CAT examination during that time.

Shall I leave it ?  My brain says “leave it, its not going to happen, take lite and enjoy ur last sem” and my heart 
doesn’t listen to my brain. Finally I listened to my heart. As a result of a night out, me and my friend Saachi designed 
the first official poster for zephyr’10. I am very happy as I am always backed up by Devika, Mohit Mandakot and 
Sarthak Pal (Baba). Its because of the above people I got a nice team. 

Now the major twist in the story.

First obvious date is 5,6,7 Nov – Diwali time many first yearites were leaving for their home town. Next and the only possible date was  13, 14, 15 Nov – this was also scrapped because of already scheduled workshops no weekends available now. some proposed next sem – I scrapped it because of already hectic schedule  (2 national festivals). I said I can’t cram it in second sem. Only available option was to put it during weekdays

Apne aap se poocha- pagal ho gaya kya thu?

How is it possible? 

There will be so many constraints – judges problem because of weekdays, short time limit each day (5:30 – 12:00)
no audi events should be scrapped that means two audi events a day, no events should happen during audi events, 
crammed schedule, more control members required, less slack time between events. If one event gets delayed it 
will affect other events too, leading to an uncontrollable chaos. So I went back to DK(karthik- Cultural reps head) 
and said “I quit, its not going to happen and I am going to study for CAT.” I didn’t even listen to his answer and I  didn’t answer his call even.

Somewhere deep in my heart I felt “its feasible” and because of DK’s pressure to put it before I leave the campus I agreed. You know, sometimes there will be people who believes you more than you and who believes you will achieve before u actually achieve something. Never loose those people in your life and always listen to those people.
So no second thought now I started of once again. Actually my work doubled because of new team and no one experienced zephyr till then. I have to explain each and every rule that’s was there in the rule book and the changes that are to be made. Frankly speaking they attended nearly 3 hrs lectures daily(by me) after their hectic schedule. One best thing is I got the best team I ever worked with. As we moved ahead problems became more because of the scarcity of resources. As because of diwali everyone was leaving for their home towns.

What to do now ? 

Overloading resources and integrating forward was the only option available.

As Spencer johnson says “search for new cheese stations” – so we started searching for designers and other required people.Sometime snacks used to be my breakfast. Mornings were spent evaluating my old moves, thinking of new moves and solving some unexpected problems , Evenings talking to people who are involved with each work. Everyday became a night out for most of the control members. Rohit used to stay in my room completely and left the room only if there is attendance to any class. Supan, Priyal, Shivang, Gaurav ,Kaushal were working to get all the resources needed for each event. Showrya used to take care of invitations, art events and judges. Sidd and Me were entirely involved in planning. After Tanaya joining us ourwork got reduced little bit. After so many sleepless nights and so many skipped breakfasts and lunch (actually we were happy as we can eat outside.) atleast something was going on.

Because of all departments and clubs especially Backstage, DOPY, DR10D and Firewallz we could  finish of everything
properly on time.

Just one day before my CAT exam (one day before zephyr starts) I left for Bengaluru to be back for inaguration. 
My team entirely took care of the zeroth day making it a big success. Rest is history as U all know. The most
unforgettable FASHP by CH1 and an awesome dance performance by AH6………..

This time its the turn of AH4 and CH5. AH4 fought with CH5 till the last day. I hope AH4 will swap the position next time.

Finally what thought to be an impossible task became possible. Thats how I left the wonderful woods as my four
revolutions round the sun came to an end.



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