3 Important things in Life

Many thoughts came to my mind when I thought of writing my last article to sizzling sands. As usual solving out six big questions (why? what ? when? where? How? Whom?) became a bigger task to me. Finally I am here to share a story. This is neither Rowlings fantasy nor Tolkeins fiction. This is just a chapter from the travelogue of a student from our own campus who has a billion dollar dream in his head and love in his heart.
The four years in campus he was in quest of finding the most important things needed to achieve his billion dollar dream .The best teacher in his life is his life itself as he was born with both Silver spoon and a Steel spoon. He went to 5 star hotels and dormitories. After living in both forms of life for a decade he says ” bhai jaha paise jyada rehta hi waha pyar ki kami hi, jaha pyar jyada hota hi waha paise ki kami hi”. So he made his lifestyle a mix of both – neither loosing common touch nor the taste of riches. But still he couldn’t find out which one is important either money, or love or something else. So his quest didn’t end.
Accidently when he went to some course like YES+ there he was asked one question.” If someone deposits 86,400 rupees in your account at the beginning of the day everyday and removes whatever is left at the end of the day what will you do ?.” An obvious expected answer SPEND ALL. That’s what the day does everyday to you. Depositing 86,400 seconds in your life everyday.” That’s it, he found the third co-ordinate TIME.
There came the question which one is important ? He says “let us go through each one.”
LOVE : Anything is possible with LOVE. Such a beautiful history is available to the present day mankind only becauseof love. It’s eternal. Its a feeling that has to be understood through the actions, as the adjectives will be neither sufficientnor effective enough to describe it. Its a powerful weapon to create anything or to destroy anything. Hobbies and Passions are because of love. Some people live because they have to, while some others live because they love to.Some people built empires because of love while some others sacrificed their empires for love. Some people use it as a means to get their works done while some others doesn’t care about ‘being used by their loved ones’. Some people never end a day without doing something which they love the most, while some others dont know its importance.Some people loose people who love them so much just because of a stupid rivalry, miscommunication while others accept their loved ones with their weaknesses and mistakes. There is nothing like ‘lucky enough’ in getting this. It depends on how you treat others. When you love you will be loved, when u hate u will be hated too. Simply speaking its as simple as understanding E=mc^2.
MONEY: The least important of all the above but still an important factor in the present day world. Some people are lucky enough to get this while some or not. Some uses it as a slave while some becomes its slave. Some loose their loved ones just for the sake of this, while some others uses it to spend time with their loved ones. It makes somepeople to reach top of the ladder very fastly while it teaches patience to some people. Some people uses it to gain powerby loosing their values, while some doesn’t care loosing money to keep their values. Some people leave family, friends and loved ones just to earn money but doesn’t find anyone to spend it after earning it. Some people try to get LOVE through money but soon realizes its not true. But the best thing about Money is,it can buy u the most important tangible asset in the world – TIME.
TIME: The most important and powerful asset compared to everything else just because its common to everyone and doesn’t wait for anyone. People can go from rags to riches and can come to rags from riches before the dusk changes to dawn. Some people can loose a medal by just a fraction of second even after spending years in practise to save that fraction of second. Some people who doesn’t have Money or Love built empires by being proactive and by using TIME properly. “Take care of TIME it will take care of You” this is the modern saying.
So here comes the question once again so ‘which one’?
He says “Life is a trade-off. You can’t say ‘this is’ the most important ,because in every walk of life you need all the three. It all depends on how much you use all the three together effectively and the situation you are in.For example, you went to meet your friends and you have two options to catch the return train (bus, cab). Through bus it will take 40 minutes and through cab it will take 20 minutes. So which one you choose ? If you use cab you can spend some more time with your friends. If you use bus u will save some money. In a day we do get many situations of these sort. Some times shelling out money will make works faster and you can save some time to spend with your friends or to do things you love.
As Mother Teresa says “We cant do no great things but small things with great love.” So take care of these three things not giving too much importance to only one of three.

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